About us

The Oxford Soap Company is a local, family run business that designs and creates handmade soaps and cosmetics in Oxford's iconic The Covered Market. We are best known for our popular zero waste items - soap bars and shampoo bars and we also sell a range of reduced plastic packaged options on cosmetics such as shaving soap, moisturising lotion, hand cream, face cream, bath salts, shampoo bars and conditioner bars . All our products are made locally in Oxfordshire by our founder, Ervin, who is committed to producing natural and environmentally friendly recipes. 

Our shop, in The Covered Market, Oxford, includes an open workshop within the store which allows you to see the mixing, bonding and drying of products as you browse the shelves. For those after an even more personalised experience, private workshops are available where you can create your own products using your chosen ingredients for the ultimate bespoke creation.

Our Creator

Ervin first explored soap making back in 2008. Frustrated with the mass production of cosmetics and lack of products tailored to the local climate, Ervin began to explore making his own soaps and creams that worked well with Oxfordshire's weather and hard water. Spotting a gap in the market and supported by positive feedback of his recipes from friends and family, The Oxford Soap Company was born. Starting small, products were sold online through our website, at market fairs and wholesale. Ervin also spent his summers selling from a converted ice cream bike on Oxford's High Street. The opportunity to open a shop in The Covered Market came along in November 2018, and we found our first perfect home. Since the shop has opened, Ervin has expanded his recipes and products, taking on board customer requests, like our very popular shampoo bars. 

Our Values

None of our products are tested on animals and we source our ingredients from suppliers who also do not test on animals. All our products are vegan and the colour in our products comes from natural mineral micas. We do use RSPO certified palm oil in some of our soap recipes and also offer a palm free range.


We currently have one store in The Covered Market in Central Oxford. Many of our products are made in store and we also make in our workshop in Witney, West Oxfordshire. 

    If you have any questions or would like any further information don't hesitate to contact us.

    Ervin selling in Oxford      Our shop in The Covered Market